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And today’s Cunt of the Day is Linda Harvey. Here she is wearing all her teeth.


This, ladies and germs, is Linda Harvey. She’s a dirty Christian homophobe and those downy shoulders are surely the work of the devil.

She has a slot on some god-fearing radio station in the US called WRFD (they’re fond of initials) from around 11.22 until 11.34, during which she froths at her fanny about how the country’s gone to the dogs and only the baby G can save us and other well-known chestnuts.

And like most Christian closeted (prove you aren’t, mista-sista!) nut-jobs, Linda Harvey is obsessed by gay sex. Can’t stop thinking about it. From dusk till dawn it’s bumming, bumming, bumming. It’s amazing she even has time to shop for grey polyester boat-neck sweaters.

Linda has come to our attention following yet another rant on the wireless about the ‘homosexual lobby’, which we think is the swanky HQ of the ‘homosexual agenda’, which we think is a part of the magenta family. Who knows, we’re too busy bumming.

Specifically, Linda thinks that gay parents turn children gay. Which is weird seeing as our own mother insists she’s strictly-dickly.

‘The homosexual lobby is skillful at manipulating public sympathy by tugging on heartstrings while not telling the whole story,’ Linda began telling all of her three listeners, two of whom were just trying to find someone willing to play Misty for them.

‘Our side sometimes plays right into their hands by also not telling the whole story, even when we get the chance.

‘Until we deal with the core issue — the behavior of homosexuality — it was probably only a matter of time before our side would lose a few races.

‘Homosexual marriage is wrong because two men or two women together is intrinsically disordered, the behavior is unnatural. These aren’t activities that are beneficial or healthy.

‘Homosexual marriage is wrong because homosexuality is wrong.

‘One thing our culture does not want, if it wants to survive, is to have its youth corrupted – and this is happening in oh so many ways, and homosexuality is one more. And here’s how it works with homosexuality: since no pregnancy threat exists, some people think there’s no reason to prohibit behaviour in the young, even the very young.

‘And that’s one of the big reasons why homosexual marriage is wrong – because the young are raised on the traditions of the adults and if same sex marriage is accepted, then children will begin to consider dating and forming relationship in these very different ways; ways that will be very destabilising to many of them and to our society.’

Bagsy not having her at Christmas!


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And today's Cunt of the Day is Linda Harvey. Here she is wearing all her teeth., 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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6 comments to “And today’s Cunt of the Day is Linda Harvey. Here she is wearing all her teeth.”

  1. Do they go to a special bra store that attaches round the belly button, those saggy tits are just like old virginal Widdys low sacks

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  2. She looks like the sainted Karen Carpenter’s evil twin….

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  3. For being so inclusive and all, you heterophobes sure like to hate people.

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  4. We don’t hate her because she’s straight, Joe, we hate her because she’s an evil bitch. Come back to us when you’ve been the victim of hatred because of your sexuality then we can have a serious discussion. In the meantime, you’re a moronic prick.

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  5. Er, Joe. I despise Linda Harvey and I’m straight. Mostly because I’m a good person and she is not. Explain to me exactly your logic. It’s like you accusing not only black people but everyone who supported the civil rights movement of being racist. You’re clearly deranged like Linda Harvey is.

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    is analyzing these things, so I am going to inform

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