And today’s Cunt of the Day is…. *drum roll; does a cartwheel for light relief*… Bob Blackman MP!


Welcome to Bob Blackman MP, no relation to Honor (we don’t think she’d have it in the house!), who thinks David Cameron should reinstate Section 28.

Section 28, for those who don’t know, is the legislation passed under Thatcher (not literally. That vagina of hers would’ve sucked it right up) that banned the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools to make goddamn sure that lonely gay kids would feel as bad about themselves as is humanly possible.

Speaking on the BBC this afternoon, in response to our PM’s support for equal marriage, Bob – ‘Bob’ to his mates, ‘Cunt’ to everyone else. And to the mates speaking behind his back fat right now – said that instead of letting gays have the rights that every other tax payer has *draws penis on Starbucks logo* David Cameron should make us go back to the good old days of fear and loathing.

This from a man with ruddy cheeks! Indoors!

‘A very small number of people have same-sex relationships where children are involved… there may be some. The key point is what is happening in schools particularly to very young children.

‘I was one of those that strongly believed that Section 28 was the right rules to have in school so that we should not in any way, shape or form promote same-sex relationships. I still abide by that and feel that’s the right way forward.

‘If teachers are forced to say same-sex relationships are equivalent to heterosexual relationships I’d be very opposed to that.’

No ‘if’, cunty.


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And today's Cunt of the Day is.... *drum roll; does a cartwheel for light relief*... Bob Blackman MP!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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