A meeting of cunts. The Pope blesses the woman who wants to kill gays in Uganda

The cunt on the left is the Pope. Hello! You’ll know him as a homophobic paedophile protector. Nice people!

The cunt on the right, the one with too much make-up and her tongue inexplicably out, as if slavering over his Ponciness the Pope, is Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of Parliament down Uganda way and the cheerleader of the ‘kill the gays’ bill in that fair and beauteous country, the country that brought us Idi Amin (you can kind of see the resemblance now you look at her), genocide and now the killing of gays.

Turning up at the same chill-out party during a human rights conference (they really will let in anyone these days, those human rights conferences, won’t they?), the couple immediately sparked up a conversation along the lines of…

‘How can you kill the most gays, Mr. Pope, sir? You know how much we’d like to see our fine upstanding country rid of this scourge.’

‘Well, I always found incitement to violence against them worked.’

‘Thanks for that. It might even be where I got my new idea to bang them up in jail or execute them.’

‘You could also demonise condoms and get your priests on the ground to spread lies that if you wear a condom you get AIDS.’

‘That will get them in the end, but we’re looking at something much quicker and more effective.’

‘Then there was this idea I got from my native Austria, back when I was in the Hitler Youth. They were called gas chambers…’

At which he bestowed a blessing on the cunty Ms. Kadaga (no relation of Kajagoogoo, who won’t have her in the house). And that last bit is absolutely true.

Nice people just find each other out, don’t they?

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A meeting of cunts. The Pope blesses the woman who wants to kill gays in Uganda, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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4 comments to “A meeting of cunts. The Pope blesses the woman who wants to kill gays in Uganda”

  1. Brilliant.

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  2. I thought it was racist that you said she looked like Idi Amin until I looked at her. It is him with maquillage! Frightening!

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  3. Rebecca Kadaga. Sort out your make-up girl. You look like an extra from La Cage aux Folles.

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  4. I hope Turkson is elected Pope because I firmly believe most white RC peasants in the world are racist and bigoted in every other way. I have great faith in their nastiness and look forward to their leaving the Church in droves. Catholicism will then be isolated in Africa where it will need to compete with African Animism, Islam and every other sort of mumbo-jumbo rubbish. The rest of the rational, sane world will then get on very well without them and we can try to teach the ex-RC bigots to be better human beings.

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