It’s beginning to look a lot like Cuntmas…



In our ‘Cunt of the Day’ segment, which we run at least sporadically, we like to draw the world’s attention to utter, utter *checks notes* cunts. They are mostly of a religious and/or Tory ilk, which is what is known in the business as ‘natch’.

Today’s is of a UKIP ilk, a party whose members are nudging the rear of the Tories when it comes to sheer cuntiness, but at least there is a happy finish to the tale of this particular UK Independence Party personage, who even UKIP think is crazy as a box of hair – nose hair, by the looks of it – and has apparently suspended as a result.

He is Geoffrey Clark, and he is a councillor in Meopham in Kent (poor bastards). He is also standing for the UKIP National Executive Committee, which sounds like a whole bunch of fun.

Geoffrey – here seen wearing his comedy eyebrows – has made that fatal flaw of not sticking to his party’s run o’ the mill manifesto of ‘keep out those dirty foreign bastards’. Taking to the internet (is that still going?), he has made the following suggestions to save Her Majesty’s United Kingdom from the dogs.

– Ban gay marriage, for it is an ‘abhorrence’. (We’ll be the judge of that.)

– Compulsory abortion if a foetus has Down’s Sydrome of spina bifida.

– Deny treatment to people over the 80 on the NHS, because it is ‘extraordinarily costly’.

– Immigration is a ‘cancer’.

Geoffrey Clark is nice people, people!

But, silver linings Geoff… you’re not quite as cunty as Winston McKenzie, whose retardedness is off the scale.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Cuntmas..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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3 comments to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Cuntmas…”

  1. Geez, Geoffrey; Nazi much?

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  2. Do people still say ‘Natch’?? Am I reading Smash Hits?

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  3. Didn’t get the memo about ‘natch’ being on the ‘mustn’t say’ list. Though if it was used in Smash Hits I imagine it’s now come full circle. I did enjoy that magazine. Halcyon days, etc….

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