The Muslim Council of Britain demand to be banned. Erm, OK then…

Nice people to do business with

The Muslim Council of Britain, who have done so much good work in… well, you know, lots of things, are outraged. Incensed they are. Can’t sit still for a moment they’re that angry.

Again? you say. What is it this time? They are fuming mad that they have not been banned by the British government. They are furious they have not been banned from performing gay marriages like the Church of England. Erm, just don’t do it then. Sheesh!

‘The Muslim Council of Britain is appalled,’ they said in their official statement on their official website – told you! – ‘to see the utterly discriminatory provision of the new gay marriage legislation proposed by the government. Farooq Murad, the Secretary General of the MCB,’ – who we won’t have in the house – ‘said, “We find it incredible that while introducing the bill in the House, culture secretary Maria Miller could keep a straight face when offering exemption for the established Church while in the same breath claiming, “fairness to be at the heart of her proposals”.’ Yeah, that’s what struck us too *wrinkles brow, looks round the room to see if we are the only ones who find this loony*

Just to clarify the situation, because the Church of England is the established church of the country, the government is officially opting out on its behalf. Everyone else can choose. It’s called freedom to choose. Tricky concept for religiouses but one they need to get their dizzy, fairy-filled little heads around sooner or later.

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The Muslim Council of Britain demand to be banned. Erm, OK then..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. You never will please them, will you? Had they decided to ban them as well (which they can’t since they have no say over a non state religion), then they’d be crying that the government was stepping in where it didn’t belong! They love a good yell, even if there’s no reason.

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