Destiny’s Child are back! Kinda, sorta…

Girlfriends. In the non-labial way

Look at them ladies! Gorgeous, all of them! Well, two of them.

And they are back, back, back with a new song! This very month! You could dine out on these exclamation marks/points!

The song is called ‘Nuclear’, is co-written by Michelle ‘Moustache’ Williams and produced by… really? Do you care? Of course not. It’s the hook to buy this compilation and the Daily Mail had so little to report – apart from a statement from B saying how delighted etc – that they resorted to describing Kelly Rowlands’ top. It ties up the back, don’t you know?

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Destiny's Child are back! Kinda, sorta..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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