Look at gay Victor Garber’s hot gay boyfriend!

The person on your right is Victor Garber, actor, gay, homosexual. The person on your left is Rainer Andreesen, Victor Garber’s boyfriend, gay, homosexual, hot, even hotter.

This is news because we think we love Rainer Andreesen. It’s real, it’s deep, something about horse meat.

(That last line doesn’t have a very long shelf life.)

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Look at gay Victor Garber's hot gay boyfriend!, 8.7 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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3 comments to “Look at gay Victor Garber’s hot gay boyfriend!”

  1. I’d fuck him, I’d fuck him and his gay boyfriend.

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  2. Send him my way once you’ve done with him and his gay boyfriend, won’t you Tequila…

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  3. Honey, I’m on it!

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