And in today’s breaking Schadenfreude news…

Ding dong, this bitch has been given a swift kick up the cunt right out of the UK Independence Party. Comes to something when the second most dodgy popular political party – after the Tories – sees it fit to give the boot to, well, a boot because of her egregious homophobic views. And we only use the word egregious when we really mean it.

‘I can confirm that Dr Gasper is no longer the chairman of UKIP Oxford constituency association,’ said a spokesperson from *checks notes* UKIP.

Doc-doc-doc-doc-doctor Cunt – here seen trying to soften her looks with foliage – is thought to be consoling herself with poppers and half a Twix.


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And in today's breaking Schadenfreude news..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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