Paranoia is such a good look on you!

Edmund Costelloe, down with the gays.

Tory cunts the length and breadth of their jowls are frothing at their fannies – as we speak! – about tomorrow’s vote on legalizing gay marriage.

Lucky for us, there isn’t a bummable one among them.

Take Edmund Costelloe – here seen surrounded by the entire collection of Spartacus guides – who appears to have left his chin somewhere in 1973. Edmund doesn’t like the gays. Not a jot. He hates them to such an extent that he can’t stop thinking about them. If he ever does get an ounce of sleep, he has an alarm clock set at 15 minute intervals so he can carry on thinking about them. It’s deep, and it’s meaningful.

Edmund Costelloe – who was one of *checks notes* 20 past and present Conservative constituency chairmen who delivered a letter to No. 10 yesterday urging David Cameron to stop, in the name of hate!, the vote – is so enraged one of his liver spots has grown teeth.

‘It wasn’t in the manifesto!’ he screamed and screamed and screamed.

‘The way gay marriage is being pushed through parliament is very distasteful!’

Much like homophobia, you cunt.

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