We do know this gay marriage thing isn’t over yet, don’t we?

Mouth closed please

It was a cause for celebration, a moment so auspicious the Channel 4 News got themselves down to Rupert Street Bar, where prosecco is just £9.95 a bottle before 8pm, to hear it from the lips of the gay on the piss. Delighted they were. Dialated in some cases.

But before we all rush out and rent cheap suits that don’t quite fit properly, let us remind ourselves that, heartening as that 400-175 victory in the common old Commons was, the bill (not the TV show about bobbies on the beat) has to travel through that chamber of all wisdom, the House of Lords. And it may not be an easy ride, which means you should brace yourselves for more religious frothing and more Tory cuntishness (interesting that more Tory MPs voted against the bill than voted for it, by the way).

Take Lord (we’ll be the judge of that!) Scary Carey here, former chief fairy-master or Archbishop of Cunterbury as he’s known around these parts. He has promised that he and his ramshackle band of peers will ‘ask searching and uncomfortable questions about the legislation’.

We feel his energies would be better deployed getting those teeth sorted out. Jesus will never want him for a sunbeam looking like that!

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We do know this gay marriage thing isn't over yet, don't we? , 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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