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And our Cunt of the Day is… Sandy Rios! Drop weave a take a bow, Sandy!

Sandy Rios, Cunt o' t' Day

This is Sandy Rios, a host (we’ll be the judge of that) on a Christian radio channel (need we go on?) in the Americas.

Not only does Sandy need to lay off the eyeliner, she is also a homophobe.

Not only has Sandy been attached to a bungee jump, been shoved off a not-high-enough cliff and had the slack cut off, but she thinks that allowing openly gay men into the Scouts in the Americas will bring forth the wrath of the Baby Cheeses much earlier than the voices in her head had anticipated.

‘Nooooo!’ she screamed at the very thought of it, whilst filing down a heavily lacquered nail. ‘Not on my nose-job!’

‘Gay men love youth,’ she uttered through her augmented lips without even the slightest hint of irony.

‘They may not all like prepubescent boys but most of them like young men. That’s why they go into professions and work with boys. That’s why they become teachers and coaches and shall we say Jerry Sandusky priests?’

We have no idea who Jerry Sandusky is but we think he should sue.

‘Not all gay men are paedophiles,’ she admitted, ‘but all male paedophiles who like boys are gay.’

Oh well thank God she cleared that up.

In related/pretty much the same news, the Boy Scouts of America delayed a vote on whether or not to lift the ban on gay scouts, volunteers and staff until May, citing the ‘complexity of being utter cunts’.

Oh sorry, wrong notes. The ‘complexity of the issue’.

We were right the right the first time.

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And our Cunt of the Day is... Sandy Rios! Drop weave a take a bow, Sandy!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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4 comments to “And our Cunt of the Day is… Sandy Rios! Drop weave a take a bow, Sandy!”

  1. Sandusky was a highly revered University football (American style) coach in the US who was later found to have been molesting young men for many years, all of which was covered up by the school and his colleagues. I’m sure she was among those that though he walked on water before he was found out.

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  2. Does Jesus have a view on plastic surgery? Just asking…

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  3. she needs to have a look at what the Bible says about Jezebel, painted ladies… and cunts!

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  4. Morite brother central I can regularly like this website online. your puppy was totally right! ? ! Thib post truly made melectronic day! ! ! ! the lawsuit pursuer can not actually simply how much much I hab spent in support of this info! Thanks!

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