Bottom double? David Beckham should’ve had a penis double!

Before we go on, we’re not so keen on that exclamation mark. But it’ll do.

So, rumour/the Daily Cunt has it that David Beckham used a body double for the greedy bottom bits of his H&M advert, currently doing the rounds here, there and everywhere. This is because there are some *checks notes* inconsistencies. Mostly involving those ridick tattoos and the fact that David Beckham’s arse isn’t as pert as it seems in the video directed by Guy Ciccone-Itchy.

You know what we say to that? What we just said in the title to this story. Now we’re not ones to look a gift penis in the mouth but, well, it’s barely troubling our gag reflex. But boy, we bet it’s pretty. Just like his hair.

Ps. Here it is again, just for reference purposes…



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Bottom double? David Beckham should've had a penis double!, 5.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Tom Fremgen says:November 5, 2012 @ 7:41 pmSweet Bela Lugosi! You said you were working too hard this season, I guess you really were! Pace yourself buddy. We all wish you a speedy recovery out here in Los Angeles (FYI- Time Warner Cable just picked up METV, so people who never check the free tv anymore can watch you now too). Get well soon and keep Tombstone away from the nurses!

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