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Oh, Joanie Joan Collins, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. One, two… 745. Give or take. And now she’s back, hot, hot, hot on the high heels of smash hit Evenings With in New York and, ooh, lots of places, down at the Leicester Square Theatre (did that place get a gay grant or something?)

We’re talking about her smash-hit show One Night With where she regales the attendant gays (straight people are allowed in, apparently, but only with a responsible gay) with stories of her lives and loves, the ups, the downs, the alongs and round the corners of a career that has spanned way too long for us to mention here. All with an immaculately arched eyebrow. We wouldn’t have her any other way and she wouldn’t be had any other way. Tickets are on sale for ready money from the following outlet. This one.

This post was brought to you by Jake.

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