And our Cunt of the Day is… David Burrowes MP!

And our Cunt of the Day is... David Burrowes MP!

David Burrowes – here seen looking like a prick with a dog – is Conservative MP for Enfield Southgate (poor bastards) and is one of those paranoids that thinks that if two people of the same sex get married KFC Popcorn Chicken will fall from the sky and Timothy Dalton will take a break from absolutely nothing to wreak havoc across the nation dressed as Prince Barin from Flash Gordon. (Sounds fun this same-sex marriage lark, right?)

He is attempting to add an amendment to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill that allows registrars like that nasty, god-fearing, single mother Lillian Ladele to refuse to perform marriages because of their deeply held religious beliefs.

This is his amendment. We bet he came over the word ‘conscientious’:’Any duty of a registrar to conduct a marriage is not extended by this Act to marriages of same-sex couples where a registrar holds a conscientious objection to conducting such marriages.’Fair enough Dave… so long as you’re also pushing for an amendment whereby racist registrars are allowed to refuse to marry inter-racial couples owing to their deeply held racist beliefs.Ps. David has six children. You do the math. When you’ve got fathers like cunts, who needs enemies etc.

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And our Cunt of the Day is... David Burrowes MP!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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