10 things about the Brits

Can our mum have her jacket back?

1. Emeli Sande was clearly dressed by Designers at Debenhams.

2. Taylor Swift is the worst dressed pop star since Shania Twain.

3. Justin Timberlake can’t sing but at least he tried, eh, Robbie?

4. People who are nominated should have a speech prepared because there is a chance they could win. Right, Ben Howard?

5. Can James Corden now go away? We’ve done that now, haven’t we?

6. One Direction are actually quite good. Especially compared to some people.

7. Adele, of course, was the funniest thing in the whole evening (how excited are we at the prospect of both her and Shirley Bassey at the Oscars. A duet? Or Adele doing ‘Goldfinger’ and Shirley doing ‘Skyfall’!)

8. The Mumford man has a nice Shoreditch beard.

9. Why can’t they bring back the superstar duets? It all seems a little flat.

10. Can Emeli Sande, the most uncharismatic pop star since Chris de Burgh, please leave the building? All buildings? The country even?

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3 comments to “10 things about the Brits”

  1. Emeli Sande: Because Adele was busy.

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  2. James Corden is a cunt.

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  3. Gawd wasn’t the whole thing just dreary?, bit surprised Me Me Me, didn’t comment on:
    Simon Cowells face, who the fuck IS Ben Howard and really, one direction desecrating two of the all time best songs ever, really????

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