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Shall we all just accept the gay marriage thing now? Time magazine has.

Let's move on, people!

Yes, there may be some Judge Judy and Executioners still sitting in judgement over the love that cannot shut up about speaking its name in the Supreme Court – named after Diana Ross, which is nice – but really? People? Can we just save a lot of Christians who really need to be spending the cash on stylists a lot of money and pass this shit now? We’re actually losing interest ourselves…

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Cheryl Cole is a lip-gloss lesbian. And looking nicer than she ever looked in her life.


Here she is looking all Winona on our arses. Oh, we don’t know. We’ve been out for Easter lunch and can’t quite type anymore. Oh and a bit like Lisa Stansfield in the ‘Never Never Gonna Give You Up’ video…

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Who wants to see Harry and Zane from One Direction kissing?


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And in today’s breaking underwear news…

Cheeky monkey!

Jor Underwear at Underwear Nation.

And that’s quite enough for today, thank you very much. Or maybe it isn’t.

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As is traditional on me-me-me, we would like to wish Miss Ross a respectful ‘Happy birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew…’

This old thing, etc.

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Sophia Petrillo on Golden Girls was so ahead of her times on the subject of gay marriage

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No one likes a show off, Justin Bieber.

No one likes a show off, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber, who has been a cock for quite some time now, thinks that taking your top off and pulling your trousers down to perineum level is appropriate behaviour while walking through airport security.

Some news outlets have pointed out that said airport security is in Poland, which is very cold this time of year. Now we know Poland’s hardly London’s glittering West End but they do have central heating. They also have a lot of three-quarter-length hooded white puffa jackets, but that’s a whole other story.

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And in today’s breaking swimwear news…

And in today's breaking swimwear news...

Where that bloke’s looking.

And that concludes today’s breaking swimwear news.

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