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Who’s top and who’s bottom?

Who's top and who's bottom?

This is Ex-Benedict the Pope, erstwhile priziest prize cunt in the whole wide world, and his rumoured boyfriend, Goerg Gänswein which, if you say quick enough, sounds like, ‘Pass the poppers honey, I’m feeling frisky tonight.’

‘Gorgeous Georg’ is dolly’s personal secretary, a role which went from biblical to bumming within minutes, sources suggesting it was Benedict’s come-to-bum eyes that did it.

Now that the Pope’s gone and jumped ship and swished off to his safe house in the sun, friends fear for the state of Georg’s anus. That pastoral staff doesn’t clean itself!

And if anyone’s taking notes, this picture shows Georg fingering Benedict with a Fab Lolly. He lives for a layered treat.



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2 comments to “Who’s top and who’s bottom?”

  1. You sure have a way with words. Blessed are Thou!

    Thanks to Google, for now I know what a ‘Fab Lolly’ is… sweet dreams are made of this!


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  2. The Pope’s a fister.

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