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Essentially, we’ve bummed everyone.

Essentially, we've bummed everyone.

Lloyd’s Pharmacy, which is the designer-imposter Boots, has launched an online service that lets you do your very own six degrees of Kevin Bumming.

The task, should you choose to accept it, involves ticking some boxes. Its flaws, may we be so bold, include:

a) There isn’t a ‘gay’ option, only ‘were all of your partners female?’ Er, homophobic much?

b) It doesn’t let you admit you’ve had more than 49 sexual partners. Er, we’re not fucking Amish people!

c) It expects you to remember the age of every one of the persons/peoples you’ve had sex with. Er, ever heard of booze?

In conclusion, you can have a go at working out your slaggy index here. Chances are you’re the world’s bike.

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Essentially, we've bummed everyone., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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2 comments to “Essentially, we’ve bummed everyone.”

  1. Hhhm…I feel a social media campaign coming on to highlight this assumption that men only have female partners.

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  2. 49 !?! Oh dear …

    I’m afraid I shattered that limit in 1995 & 1996 — just those two years alone!

    Most likely.


    Add in the Whore Phases ™ of ’99, ’05 and ’06 and it’s certain.

    “Allegedly”. (-:

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