Sod Beyoncé covering Back To Black, can we talk about Leonardo DiCaprio?

All of Manhattan is abuzz with news that Beyoncé has done a version of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black for the Jay Z-produced soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby

Names, names, names!

From the sliver of it we can hear on the trailer – seen/heard above – it’s sung with different notes or André 2012 taps a triangle or something, but it’s also a clever ploy to get us, you, him, even her talking about it and hundreds of billions of thousands of people buying the soundtrack and therefore giving Beyoncé and Jay-Z extra lunch money.

In other news, Baz Luhrmann is pretty wily with the old soundtrack thing – every hall of residence was dancing to a Romeo + Juliet beat in 1996. That and the Trainspotting one – and it’s not like Beyoncé has donned a Ronnie Spector ‘do and taken to the stage of a ratty gay bar with a half-empty bottle of Glen’s Vodka to cries of ‘Too soon!’ as was witnessed by us. Maybe even you.

We would, however, like to take umbrage with baby-face Leonardo, who here appears to be recreating his character from Django Unchained, save for the odd vowel change. He’s no Jay Gatsby, that’s for sure. Just ask Robert Redford.

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  1. As well… what does ‘Florence and her machine’ have to do with that time period???

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