He’s no Omar Sharif

He's no Omar Sharif

Finally – finally! – a picture has emerged on the interdollies of the man reportedly asked to leave the United Arab Emirates for being too handsome and therefore too much of a prick tease to the women of said Arab Emirates. Bearing in mind a Chupa Chup is considered too much of a prick tease in that nation, our expectations were never particularly high.

His name is Omar Borkan Al Gala Bingo, he has hazel come-to-bum eyes, the white totally brings out his rouged lips and that bonnet is all kinds of crazy-wow.

Models 1 would’ve been on the phone all morning only they couldn’t be arsed.


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  1. Isn’t that Samir, formerly off-of Deirdre Rachid-Barlow?

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  2. Is she a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6?

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  3. Storm in a teacup – the actual article in Arabic simply states that he was asked to leave the family area at a local festival – as single men are often asked to do in the religious middle east – nobody actually bothered to read the original article to check the facts until several weeks after

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