Oh, look who’s not Tom Daley’s new girlfriend! And guess why!

Really? Really though? No, but really?

Here is Tom Daley’s latest beard. A girl so publicity-hungry she’s prepared to look like a cunt by pretending to go on some sort of whacky date with him. Really, honey. Some self-respect wouldn’t go amiss.

Her name is Lemon, she is a Rita Ora wannabe and here she is pictured feasting on the oxygen of publicity with one equally fame-hungry young diver known as Tom Daley. Who is probably gay.

His spokesman has said that they are not dating, despite goings-on that wouldn’t look out of place on an Athena poster from 1976. Hers have refused to comment. We bet they have.

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Oh, look who's not Tom Daley's new girlfriend! And guess why!, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Lemon is better than PEACHES Geldoffofmycloud!

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