Watch out, everyone! Nadine Dorries MP has been thinking… About gays!


Nadine Dorries MP, a Christian whose deeply held beliefs don’t extend to NOT sleeping with other people’s husbands and who, as a divorcee, has decided to breeze over the bits of the Bible that plainly, in words of one syllable, prohibit it, has been thinking about gay marriage. Thinking about it so hard she at one point had to close her eyes.

‘If gay marriage bill takes sex out of marriage could a sister marry a sister to avoid inheritance tax?’ No, Nadine. That sort of malarky might be alright in your racy old Bible but in real life, family members are not allowed to marry each other by law. OK with that one?

‘If David Cameron wants Conservative party to lose as many as fifty seats at next election he must push forward with the gay marriage bill.’ If it means him losing stupid, cunty liabilities such as yourself, I’m sure he’ll push forward with every sinew in his body.

‘If sex is removed from the legal definition of gay marriage.’ That’s not actually a sentence but never mind. ‘If it can’t take place in a church, what is gay marriage? What defines it?’ She goes on to say that legally, marriage is all about sex.

Yeah, well marriage may be all about sex for you, Nadine (especially other people’s marriages) but for some of us it is a solemn commitment to stay together even when the sex is a thing of the past.

Hope that clears some of those tricky old issues up for you. Yeah, we know. Logic is hard when you’re religious.


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Watch out, everyone! Nadine Dorries MP has been thinking... About gays!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. If Nadine Dorries drops down dead, but nobody is around to see it, would anyone give a flying fuck?
    Methinks not.

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