Our interview with the UK Eurovish hopeful, Ms Bonnie Tyler!

Wee Bonnie lass

So, how do you get chosen for Eurovish? Do you get a call?
I’ll tell you what happened. What happened was, because I’ve got a new album coming out, Rocks and Honey , the album had gone down to the BBC and someone down at the BBC heard ‘Believe in Me’ on the album and they said we want this song for the Eurovision! [That new album is out now. Now, we tell you! NOW!]

Are you going to be nervous, singing live and everything, because you’ve done stuff like the Grammys before, haven’t you?
Yeah. It was in Los Angeles and I was singing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ from the top of a very high tall staircase coming down onto the stage. I got through it all and Kim Carnes was on the side of stage when I walked off stage and she said, ‘Bonnie did you sing that live?’ I said, ‘Yeah!’ and she said, ‘Well how?’

Oh we love Kim Carnes. Don’t you?
Yeah, but you know that song she did? My mother said to me, ‘I love your song!’ and I said, ‘Mum, I haven’t got a new song out.’ It was ‘Bette Davis Eyes’.

And you’re ready for how big a gay thing Eurovish is. We know you have a gay nephew…
Well hopefully then I’m in with a chance because hero was made a hit through the gay clubs. They were playing it in the clubs. I was in America at the time and I got a phone call: can you come home for Top of the Pops? I thought: what’s on? And ‘…Hero’ had gone in the charts.

That was in a film wasn’t it?
Yeah it was in Footloose.I used to do it at The Saint in New York. Did you ever go to The Saint?

No but we’ve heard of it. Was it good?
Amazing place! People strung up everywhere.It was a bit shocking.

You’re from Mumbles, aren’t you? What’s that like?
Mumbles is very pretty, it’s by the sea.

Where’s Shirley Bassey come from, Tiger Bay?
She’s from Tiger Bay, yeah.

Which is Cardiff?
Yeah Cardiff.

Do you know each other?
I met her a few times.

I wonder if all your Welshies stick together.
Don’t say Welshies! Why? Do all you cockneys get together?

What are you going to wear for Eurovision? You’re not allowed to tell me?
No, I wish I knew myself, because that’s something that is going to be quite stressful. I’m meeting a stylist later on to help me put something together but I really don’t know.

You have a very smoky voice. Have you ever actually smoked?
No. I used to have the odd one you know so, I mean I used to have one in June and one in December.

Did you ever do drugs back in the day? Because you must have been around all that…
No. I never saw it really. I wasn’t into drugs at all. I do like red wine but I’ve never been into drugs, it doesn’t interest me whatsoever.

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