Eurovision: the first semis. And we do mean semis.

Tits 'n' teeth

Eurovish is looking in top form this year, going by last night’s first semis – in the case of Belgium’s 18-year-old – what looked like an actual semi (and what were those crazy Fembot dancers of his doing? Maintaining his erection?)

This fella here is from Ireland and, never mind the gay-brows and the tan and the tight leather trousers and the semi-naked male dancers, has apparently taken the family priest to the competition with him. Presumably, in case he doesn’t get bummed at the after-party.

Also of note was Russia, the country that just banned Gay Pride for the next hundred years, with the Russian Adele (fat ankles) singing the rather surprising lyric for a mentalist bunch of religious crazies “what if we chose to bury our gods”.

But just thank the baby Jesus the Belgian fella with the package got through: we’re off to Belgium Pride in Brussels this weekend and we want a city that is majorly ramped up for our Eurovish experience.

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