Lauryn Hill transitions from ‘vaguely cunty’ to ‘utter cunt’ with new song!

Get your hair cut, you cunt!

Lauryn Hill, hitherto known for ruining Roberta Flack songs, being racist against white people, keeping paying customers at The Coliseum waiting for hours while she completed her shopping in Covent Garden and for being jailed for tax evasion (and for having terrible eyebrows! Honey!), has hit a new low with a song attacking the gays and the transes as worse than pimps and serial criminals.

In a new track called ‘Neurotic Society’ (which sounds very much like a poem you might write in an English class in Year 8) she lists all the things that are bringing society down, failing somehow to mention rich people who don’t pay their taxes and then have to go to prison.

To blame for the breakdown of life as we know it are ‘social transvestism’, whatever that is, ‘Pride fiends’ and ‘drag queens’ (yes, while wearing that wig!)

Love, sort the eyebrows, pay the taxes and the shut the dirty mouth.

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Lauryn Hill transitions from 'vaguely cunty' to 'utter cunt' with new song!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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