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The sky is falling in Chicken Licken! Oh no, it’s just The Daily Cunt getting its knickers in a twist…

Oh fuck off, you morons!

The Daily Cunt. Such a daily ray of arseshine.

They have spent the last year having a go at the Government – usually with plenty of bad spelling – for pushing through equal marriage while there are much more important issues (because they can only do one thing at a time, right?). And they have spent the last year churning out story after story about it – usually with some bad grammar – because there aren’t any more important issues. Or something.

Unwilling to let it lie, we now have stories like this, stories to equal Norman Tebbit’s going on about can he now marry his brother because he really needs some incestuous cock in his arse (we think that was the gist… we frankly couldn’t be bothered to read to the end. Not while there was bumming left undone. Priorities, people!)

Well, we would like to take this moment to reassure the Daily Cunt and its readers that gay people have been getting on very well using the words ‘husband’ for men (or even ‘husbear’! Cheeky!) and ‘wife’ for women. Yes, that means two wives in one married couple and two husbands in one married couple but we have actually got our heads round it. Somehow, right?

Another thing: remember when the word ‘gay’ meant happy? Well, it still does!

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We’ve never had time for that nasty old cunt Anna Wintour, but now…

Really? Really though? No, but really?

She’s has never been flavour of any month around these parts, has US Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Quite apart from the totally riddick way she looks (That helmet! The sunglasses even while sitting in a darkened room! The boney boney Boney M-ness of her!), she has championed the revival of fur and has had dead skunks thrown at her while in smart restaurants for her trouble (it totally wasn’t us, we have full alibis for the dates involved). We even lost a quite promising boyfriend who was high up in UK Vogue after a drunken row about what a cunt she was/wasn’t in the back of one of London’s iconic black taxis. The driver was pretending to be on his phone.

And yet despite all of that, we do today salute her. Having just got onto Twitter, she chose as her first post to congratulate the US Supreme Court (and we do think it’s great to name the highest court in the land after Motown’s best-ever girl group) on its outlawing of DOMA (Defence of Marriage or somesuch).

‘Today’s rulings are a big step forward for all Americans striving to achieve equality. I couldn’t be happier or more proud. A.W. PS Neon handbags are big, big, BIG for fall/winter’.

One bit of that might not be entirely accurate, by the way.

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Those Warwick rowing boys just keep having their clothes fall off! Tsk!

Get that grass cut!

It’s not exactly Dieux du Stade muscular filth but it will more than do. The Warwick Rowing Team 2014 calendar that is.


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Something about Dancing with the Stars, Oil of Olay shower gel and bumming

We'll take both. And do we mean take *pats hair in style of Mae West*

Apparently the bumming bit is not true as one of these people (we have no idea – or real interest in – who they are) is going out with some girl or other. If we had a workie who wasn’t too busy organising our party tomorrow, we’d get him/her to pull his/her finger out and do some research.

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the bubbles.


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And in today’s breaking underwear news…

Silly really

It’s that Andrew Christian fella pushing the boundaries of underwear yet again.

And that concludes today’s breaking underwear news…

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Retro gays are the new Ray Bans advertising models!

Smart for town

Here are some gays looking very dapper in New York City in 1942 where homosexuality wasn’t just illegal but was liable to get you a good slap. And yet they walk hand in hand.

Now Ray Ban, frankly the only eyewear we will give houseroom, have decided to use this image of some brave gays in their new campaign. Under the slogan Never Hide they have young people kissing while the police fire tear gas at them, a girl running in the rain in her underwear and a soldier in some cool Ray Bans seemingly disobeying orders.

S’good. We salute it.

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A streaker invades the D&G show in Milan

Turn around. Every now and then I get a little bit...

It seriously is the most interesting thing they have had on their runway for many a year. But seriously. In all seriousness.

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Zayne from One Direction with no shirt on in moving pictures. You might as well.


He really is the hot one, right?

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