Don’t you love it when Mariah goes frumpy and does proper acting?

Cotton-picking Carey

Here is Mariah Carey captured in the process of your actual acting. We’ve seen her do it before in Precious. We’ve seen her not do it before in Glitter. We imagine this will be more along Precious lines.

It is from her new film The Butler directed by Lee Daniels of – what do you know? – Precious fame, who is a gay. An African American one. And she is playing what is known in the slave business as a ‘field slave’, by which we understand a slave who works in a field as against a ‘house slave’, who… oh, you can work the rest out, surely!

The film is about a White House butler who served at *checks notes* the White House from the 50s to the 80s, so we’re not sure where slaves come in, unless she is his mum or something. It’s a starry cast with everyone from John Cusack, Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker to Vanessa Redgrave and, our favourite, Jane Fonda as First Cunt, Nancy Reagan.

Anyway, anyway… we bet that ‘Riah’s hair under that do-rag is a riot of colour and movement. You can’t supress the glamour so don’t try.

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Don't you love it when Mariah goes frumpy and does proper acting?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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