What’s your favourite Bible story? We like the one with the three bears and the porridge

Oi, Jesus, leave that lamb alone

Here is Jesus, pictured molesting a lamb while wearing the Colgate ring of confidence. He’s great. Don’t you think?

Well, the crazies who run education not only think that he’s great but think that he’s more important to a child’s development than basic information on sex, relationships, disease and growing up happy. And they – and we’re talking MPs here – voted on that just last evening with a majority of 303 to 219 voting for ignorance in our schools. Hooray!

While religion – aka fairy stories with a very nasty sting in the tail – remains compulsory in English schools, PSHE – or Personal, Social and Health Education will be at the discretion of the school. And no matter if it’s run by a load of loonies who believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden. And not even the good fairies.

Never mind. Children being told at home that sex is evil, that if they masturbate they will go blind, that having sex before marriage will make the baby Jesus cry and being attracted to members of the same sex will mean an eternity of suffering in the afterlife (and that’s a long time!) will just have to carry on getting that same information at school. That’s education for you!

‘We strongly believe that teachers need the flexibility to use their professional judgment to decide when and how best to provide PSHE in their local circumstances,’ said children’s minister Edward Timpson, completely ignoring that fact that many schools – especially religious schools – are run not by those with professional judgement but by total brain-washed and brain-washing morons who have no interest whatsoever in educating children in your actual, you know, facts. Let alone your actual, you know, facts of life.

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What's your favourite Bible story? We like the one with the three bears and the porridge, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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