And in today’s ‘scientific facts that we love’: clever people drink more!

Thirsty work!

It is true. In two separate surveys, it has been shown that clever people drink more booze more often than dullards. Which makes sense because if you’re so stupid you don’t even know to drink alcohol… Sheesh!

What they did was classify children into five categories ranging from ‘very dull’ to ‘very bright’ and tracked them into adulthood where it was found that the ‘very bright’ drank a whole lot more than everyone else.

Stands to reason. As Karen Walker in Will & Grace said: ‘Drink makes life more fun. Everyone knows that from the high-school kid to the bum in the street’.

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And in today's 'scientific facts that we love': clever people drink more!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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