Two for one on Coke!

They're so clever!

Do you ever require a cola or even a dietary cola but can’t face a whole can? Yes, you can buy a bottle but the only cola bottle that’s nice to drink out of is a glass one and that’s every bit as un-re-sealable as a can. Plastic bottles are handy but it’s just not as nice…

Now, thanks to someone very clever in science, there is a Coke can that splits in two. Just like some of you! You buy one then you can split it as seen above to either share with a friend or lover or to keep for later. Hey bingo!

We think it’s the future right now. Ditch the space programme. Let’s put more work into shit like this!

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Two for one on Coke!, 4.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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