And in today’s ‘scientific facts that we love’: gays are scientifically more intelligent than straights

Silly cow!

So it turns out that gay people are smarter than your average straight in the street. Our evidence for this? Gays are much more likely to be atheist than a member of the general population.

While only 20% of the general population said they were atheist in a recent poll (mind you, we say ‘only’: still beggars the question, why do we have bishops and rabbis and imams in the House of Lords? Hmmm?), a whopping 50% of your actual gays said that they had no belief whatsoever in fairies, angels, virgin births or girls with really long hair locked in towers by evil stepmothers.

So there you have it, science fans. Gays are statistically smarter than your average man on the bus. *bobs curtsey*



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And in today's 'scientific facts that we love': gays are scientifically more intelligent than straights, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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