Henry Cavill, his greatest work to date…

This is how Henry Cavill got bikini-ready for summer.

And in other news, here’s another episode of ‘Soldier of Steel’ in which Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel, asks a bunch of National Guard Citizen-Soldiers (us neither, but it’s forcing us to roll our eyes) what they would do if they were Superman for the day. Miss Congeniality has nothing on this lot.

It gets particularly slappable around 1.11 when one man, standing in front of a white picket fence, says, ‘I would bring down the price of gas. It’s killing me.’

Also the woman after that. ‘I would let *pause* older people *pause* be super fast.’

And the next-but-one man after her. ‘I would like to be able to punch some concrete.’

And not to be outdone, the guy at 1.30: ‘It would be to fly. You know, it would just be a lot cheaper to go cool places.’

A lot cheaper?



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