What things should a lady always have in her bag? Make-up, tampons, loose change, Oyster card, moustache…

Never a beard, always a moustache

Helena Bonham Carter – her there! – is on the cover of Vogue this month. The shoot’s a good’un and between skinny lattes (brought to her by terrified interns who frankly don’t stand a chance and will disappear one day when they have just nipped out for a fruit salad, never to be heard of again) fashion director Lucinda Chambers, has reminisced at the artistry, the eccentricity, the sheer brilliance of Ms. BC during said shoot.

‘I had brought this hat along,’ says Ms. Chambers, no relation to porn star Marilyn Chambers, ‘and when I put it on her I said, “I wish I had a moustache to go with it.”  Then Helena chimed in with, “I’ve got a moustache in my bag,” and whipped it out. And I thought, “Of course you have a moustache in your bag, you’re Helena Bonham Carter and I loved her for that”.’

Wonder what else is in the bag? Some giblets, a panty-liner and a copy of A La Recherche du Temps Perdu in the original Italian?


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