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Professional moron Cristina Odone thinks it’s okay to use ‘gay’ as a slur. That’s so Catholic!

The odious Cristina Odone thinks it's okay to use 'gay' as a slur. That's so Catholic!

Former editor of the Catholic Herald and now gobshite for the Telegraph, Cristina Odone, has gone on the defense of homophobia.

Kicking off her column with her own twist on the ‘I’m not homophobic, but…’ chestnut, Cristina went on to defend the rights of people whose deeply held belief is that being gay is a bad thing.

In response to Michael Gove’s speech last week in which he described using ‘gay’ as an insult as ‘outrageous and medieval’, Cristina said:

‘I wonder what (Michael Gove would) have done at the fabulous wedding we attended last Saturday. A young guest in morning suit used his iPhone to snap a friend in similar attire. He peered at the result. “Oooh, you look sooooo gay!”

‘The word, clearly, was interchangeable with “naff” and “chav”: but henceforth, if Mr Gove gets his way, would it land the boy on a sinister register of “hate speakers” – disqualifying him as an applicant for just about any job?’

First of all, this young man in a morning suit is a cunt.

Second of all, we think you need to do your homework on chavs.

Also, Cristina, refraining from not being a hateful prick is not letting Mr Gove ‘get his own way’, it’s called being a decent human being. You should try it sometime.

Cristina, who ought to take a trip to Tottenham and see how the ‘that’s soooo black!’ line goes down, has a dirty track record of homophobia, having previously described gay marriage as ‘a facsimile of the real thing, a pantomime ceremony for the thrill of re-enacting a romantic tradition. For the real thing, you have to be the real thing.’

Said like a real cunt.

(Free speech, sweetie, free speech!)

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Professional moron Cristina Odone thinks it's okay to use 'gay' as a slur. That's so Catholic!, 9.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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