Is Justin Bieber wearing a hard-core pro-gay T-shirt?


They always have to spoil our fun, don’t they, these slebs? There we were, for instance, enjoying hating on Miley Cyrus because we once interviewed her and she was a rude little bitch. Then she starts tweeting pro-gay messages and we’re scuppered.

Now it looks like the same is going to happen with silly little knob (and not in a good way) Justin Bieber who has provided us with hours of innocent trolling as he went about his business with his shirt off and his trousers down round his cankles. And then he goes and turns up with his mum wearing an ACT UP t-shirt.

ACT UP, in case you didn’t know, was the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power, a rather hard-line gay pressure group set up in the 1980s to fight for the rights of people with AIDS.

Well, we never did.

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One comment to “Is Justin Bieber wearing a hard-core pro-gay T-shirt?”

  1. Not to worry. If he is wearing an Act Up shirt, you can be sure he has no idea what it means. Remember he’s a good little pro life Christian. And you can still hate Miley as her endless droning (some call it singing?) easily outweighs any pro gay good.

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