Check out this nutter!

Check out this nutter!

Welcome to the Right Cunt Peter Ratcliff, of St John’s Church of England in Colliers Wood, because no one else will have him.

He is what is known in the business as, and here’s where you get to take your pick:

a) A moron

b) A homophobe

c) Crazy as a box of wispy hair

d) All of the above

The Rev Ratcliff has jumped to the defense of another crazy, Tony Miano, who was arrested the other day for standing outside a shopping centre in Wimbledon and preaching that same old chestnut of loon from the Bible. Same-sex relationships, he was spouting, are, you guessed it, ‘an abomination’. Tony was subsequently arrested under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, questioned by police, but then released without charge. So far, so not much to get your drip-dry cassock in a twist about.

But Ratcliff ain’t having any of it, and has accused the police of misusing the law. Which is ironic coming from someone holding a bible like he means it.

‘I call upon Merton police to publicly apologise for such high handed use of the law and for allowing themselves to be manipulated by homosexuals,’ he said.

‘(Homosexuals) are evidently trying to silence those who not merely have Biblical and moral objections to homosexuality but are proclaiming the way of eternal life through Jesus Christ to all people regardless of their present circumstances.’

He funny.

And never one to miss a homophobic beat, Ratcliff went on to suggest homosexuality could be cured, like an addiction. Or, you know, like believing the Baby Jesus wants you for a sunbeam.

‘In the USA there are now groups of ex-homosexuals who have been able to repent of homosexuality in the way that one might for example give up cigarettes or drugs.’

In the USA there are also people who hear the voice of God and shoot people.

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  1. I love how his eyes go off in different directions.. I want him to sit on my face..

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  2. And he’s not wearing that dog collar correctly.

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  3. One eye looking for Jesus, the other looking for a greedy bottom…

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  4. Lulu, you crack me up!

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  5. Tempted to report this to the police. What a horrible world you have without God. I remember it well. Seriously absolutely amazed what Jesus does for us when we come to him. I used to be able to more rude and abusive than all of you put together but thankfully Jesus has saved me from that. I really want the very best for you all. Mock on if you must but you would be much happier if you prayed to God to save you from this vulgarity. I would like nothing more than to forgive all your unkind comments. See the book by Sam Allberry, Does God hate Gays, if you are serious about breaking free from that world.

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