Gaga’s new album will be an app. No, we don’t understand either.

Smart for town!

It’s going to be called, in capitals!, ARTPOP (we’ll be the judge of that), it’s due for release on 1st November and it will be an app.

Apparently, Gaga has spent a cool half a million dollars developing the app which will deliver her album in a way that will demand your attention in the way that albums used to when they came in gatefold sleeves (aw, remember when you first bought Kate Bush’s Lionheart? Or Joni Mitchell’s For the Roses? Or Donna Summer’s Once Upon a Time? No? We’re older than you, aren’t we?)

Anyways, by delivering the album as an app, you will have to pay it your full attention and can actually join in the experience. We hate joining in the experience, don’t you? It’s one of the things we hate.

But if there are songs like ‘Edge of Glory’ on there, we’ll find a way around it.

If you are genuinely interested in this concept, you can read about it properly here. We only have a limited attention sp…

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Gaga's new album will be an app. No, we don't understand either., 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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