Oh those Russians!

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Ra Ra (Ras)Putin – crazier than your average bedbug and twice as irritating – has just signed into Russian law a bill that will outlaw gays in such hot beds of tourism as Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the food is so good the flies won’t even settle on it, the people so friendly you might as well ignore yourself and the facilities are second to… pretty much everything.

Yes, gay tourists, your cash dollars are not welcome in the Russias because they find your dolly old ways lead directly to paedophilia. That is actually the literal reason they are giving. And yet they still won’t outlaw the church!

It’s true! Put a rainbow flag on your luggage, hold hands with your same-sex lover or go so far as to wear a blouse which is a little on the lacy side and you will be banged up – and not in a good way! – and fined up to and including £6,000, which will no doubt go directly to help the poor.

It’s a shame really because we were seriously thinking of turning our backs on Mykonos and Tel Aviv and Barcelona and New York and Provincetown and West Hollywood and Paris and Berlin and London and Madrid to go and have some cabbage with the sophisticates, gangsters and hookers down Moscow way. Oh well… Them’s the breaks.

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  1. I have never computed the Putin/Rasputin thing before. It’s all so clear now you’ve done that!

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