We’re getting married in the morning…!

We're getting married in the morning...!

Ding-dong, we won!

This is the moment gays in Her Majesty’s Great Britain won full equality. Well, it was just before but we were too busy eyeing up the guy, third from the left, arms, come-to-bum-eyes, at the historic moment in time.

For the pedants among you – and let’s face it, who isn’t in this gay and age? – what actually happened is the Equal Marriage Bill for England and Wales passed its third reading in the House of Lords, which basically means all we need now is for HMTQ to sign on the dotted line and piff-paff-poof, it’s the goddamn law.

Talking of God, the gays – resplendent in red – were flanked here, here and here by a whole bunch of four religious crazies – pictured after the break sponsored by sanity – who were holding a prayer vigil. Turns out God couldn’t give a rat’s back bottom!

Unanswered prayers


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  1. Sensible shoes on those three ladies……just saying.

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  2. The one on the right wasn’t made for this heat.

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