And our Cunt of the Day is…… Mateja Kežman! Which is a name!

And our Cunt of the Day is...... Mateja Kežman! Which is a name!

This is Mateja Kežman wearing his cut-off Baby Jesus T’, which just screams moron.

Mateja Kežman, a Serbian, used to play professional football for Chelsea, then Madrid, then, oh somewhere else entirely, before putting up his studs and dedicating his life to being a professional cunt.

Speaking to reporters about Dutch football manager Louis van Gaal taking part in last weekend’s Amsterdam Pride, Mateja Kežman got his bleached polyester jeans in quite the twist.

‘Surely it’s not up to me to tell [van Gaal] he made ​​a mistake, but if you ask me about the subject [of homosexuality], I have a problem with it.

‘My opinion is that this is a disease that should not be promoted.’

*makes a note of that*

‘I wouldn’t like it if the Football Association of Serbia one day decided to support the gay parade in this country.’

And you know they really mean it when it’s their opinion!

‘The Dutch are moving away from Jesus Christ and are heading towards spiritual destruction.’

Oh, Mateja Kežman, we have a fake laugh with your name all over it.


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And our Cunt of the Day is...... Mateja Kežman! Which is a name!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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