Is there anything the entirely talent-free Louise Nerdling won’t do for money?

She's only wearing it for money, don't worry

Louise Redknap or Nerdling or off-of Eternal.

Not quite beautiful, not quite a singer, definitely not a dancer, and absolutely not a writer (she used to try and persuade us to let her put her own name on celebrity interviews she had not written but bought from us back in the day when she and her multi-millionaire footballer husband had a magazine called Icon. Celebrity interviews she wasn’t always guilty of actually paying for, by the way).

Anyways, after taking travel company Thomson’s money for sitting on a beach with the Son of a Frog that is her husband and taking the BBC’s money for standing around like a shop dummy on Something for the Weekend and Flora’s money for an Omega-3 spread, she has now bitten the bullet, eaten her words and decided to reunite with Eternal.

When asked if she would ever lower herself to join ITV2’s highly successful The Reunion, she once said, ‘I can’t talk for the other girls but I think, for me, to do it in the TV world would be a mistake. If there was an opportunity for us to just record a song together and it was organic and it came through the proper channels, then maybe. But not just for the cameras, no.’

Then some cheeky monkey went and waved a cheque for £500,000 under her nose and she could see the artistic merit in doing it on TV. We wonder if we can get our money now. No? Didn’t think so.

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Is there anything the entirely talent-free Louise Nerdling won't do for money?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. This woman makes me depressed as hell.

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