Mugabe: ‘Homosexuality destroys nations.’ Saves him the trouble, we suppose.


Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s dictator who likes his moustache just so (we think it’s his little homage to that nice Mr. Hitler), has made his inaugural speech having stolen the latest election in a country that he has made little more than a pig pen with some people living in it (and some people trying hard to get out of it). And it was filled with love and human kindness, as you can imagine.

In the speech, which was pithy, witty, eloquent and illustrated with creative dancing, slides and puppets, he called on young Zimbabweans – well, those who haven’t got the hell out – to condemn homosexuality. If only they had the time in between picking rubbish from dumps in order to buy a slice of bread!

‘Homosexuality destroys nations!’ he said, vengefully (well, destroying nations is the job of illegal governments after all) ‘Apart from it being a filthy, filthy disease’. And a whole load of fun – if you’re doing it right. Right?

Western nations who tolerate such a thing as homosexuality (he suggested castrating gays in his election manifesto: what is his obsession with other men’s genitals? Oh and cutting their heads off. Which seems very Tudor and a little like overkill to us), are apparently ‘the vile ones whose moral turpitude we should mourn’. We think you have better things to mourn, Rob. Like the hundreds of thousands of people who have died of hunger on your watch.

That said, we do like the cheeky little side-eye he’s giving us in this picture. But that’s moral turpitude for you.


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Mugabe: 'Homosexuality destroys nations.' Saves him the trouble, we suppose., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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