We told Beyonce she should have done the Josephine Baker story! Now Rihanna’s got in there.

Shake them bananas, baby

Josephine Baker is/was a legend. The talk of 20s/30s Paris for her famous banana dance, she had to go in the service entrance of hotels in racially-segregated New York when she went home and was refused service in top nightspots. She was the woman who would take her pet cheetah to the cinema on a lead; the first black woman to star in a major motion picture; the woman who adopted countless orphans from various backgrounds to set up her own ‘rainbow tribe’; the woman who would tour with a jazz band made up entirely of resistance fighters under the noses of the Nazis during the war; the woman who won the Croix de guerre for her bravery; the woman who took a leading part in the American Civil Rights movement; the woman without whom we wouldn’t have Grace Jones, Tina Turner or Beyonce.

Talking of whom… once during a conversation with B (it’s what ALL her closest friends call her!) we were discussing Josephine Baker and how great a film of her life would be and how brilliant Beyonce (still can’t find that e-acute on our typewriter) in a skirt made of bananas, topless. But she felt she’d done a little too much along bio-pic lines and that was that.

Now we hear that Rihanna, who has none of the magnetism or the moves of Miss B, is about to take on the role. Well, there you go. Someone get us a top producer’s job in Hollywood now. Now, sweetie, now.

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We told Beyonce she should have done the Josephine Baker story! Now Rihanna's got in there., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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