Is Les Mis the best musical in the history of the world? Erm, no!

Get a haircut!

Well, it is according to the listeners of a radio station devoted 24/7 (that means ‘all the time’) to musicals. They have voted the ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ (best thing to dream, in our experience) show the number one favouritest musical, like, ever. Worse than that, Wicked came second!

There was some cause for cheer in the top 20: Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd came fourth (but after Phantom of the Opera!), while his Into the Woods came a rather surprising seventh above West Side Story (also with his fingerprints all over it).

But where is Oliver! when Ghost is in there? Where is Evita when Chess is in there? And what else is missing?

Here are the 20. Please, no fighting.

1 Les Miserables
2 Wicked
3 The Phantom of the Opera
4 Sweeney Todd
5 Rent
6 A Chorus Line
7 Into the Woods
8 West Side Story
9 Ghost
10 The Sound of Music
11 Spring Awakening
12 Chess
13 Book of Mormon
14 Ragtime
15 Next to Normal
16 Jesus Christ Superstar
17 Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
18 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
19 Billy Elliot
20 Starlight Express

Starlight Express and no Evita!? Name a song, that’s what we say. Name a freaking song!

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Is Les Mis the best musical in the history of the world? Erm, no!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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3 comments to “Is Les Mis the best musical in the history of the world? Erm, no!”

  1. Good to see Spring Awakening and great NOT to see Mamma Mia

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  2. I agree with that Isaak. But no Cabaret? Seems like an oversight. And I do love Oliver!

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  3. Clearly the fact that I’m as upset by this list as I am is symptomatic of my high level of homosexualness, but be that as it may, this list was compiled by people with muffins for brains, who listen way too much to a 24/7 Broadway radio station with a playlist assembled by apes throwing their feces at a list of song titles. An “All Time” list with no “Cabaret”, no “Fiddler”, no “Oklahoma”, no “Drowsy Chaperone”, no “Chicago”?? Really? And “Chess” and that ghastly thing with the roller skates?! I’m so sorry, I must go fan myself on the swooning sofa now.

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