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Oh them Jamaican reggae artists! Such charm! Such poise! Such violent homophobia!


This, music lovers (who will never have heard of him) is Sizzla. No it’s not his real name but the name of a style of serving up Indian food by dripping water on hot oil so it ‘sizzles’ thereby creating drama and ‘moment’ to the simple delivering of a tasty savoury dish to a table. Mr. Sizzla is not afraid of colour or very, very high hair. He also thinks that gay people should be burned.

He was stepping in to defend another reggae *checks notes* singer called Queen Ifrica (real name Ventrice Morgan, which is apparently not a vaginal discharge. Or not strictly speaking) who had denounced in the highest possible terms what she refers to as ‘faggotism’ and was banned from performing in Canada for her trouble.

‘Right now dem fi just go one side and leave di girl alone,’ said Mr. Sizzla in an interview with a journalist with much more patience than us. ‘The women must speak out against it. They should get their kids and go in the streets and protest against it, because we doing Jah works, and buggerism, we nah strengthen it.’ Jah is god, we think. Buggerism is homosexuality. We do crosswords, we know what goes on.

‘We say bun fire straight fi dat lifestyle,’ he went on, speaking not about warm bread-based snacks but about setting fire to people.

But red is definitely his colour. Really makes his homophobia pop. And he’s not afraid of chunky jewellery either!

This news comes as a vigil is taking place outside the Jamaican embassy in London for trans teen Dwayne Jones, who was stabbed and shot to death at a party in Jamaica last month and as five gay men are reported to have been put under seige at a house in *checks notes* Jamaica as a mob attacked them.

And still Red Stripe is sold in gay bars in London!



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Oh them Jamaican reggae artists! Such charm! Such poise! Such violent homophobia!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. So the nation that brought us quaking vaginas flung ahoy and twerking-till-something-snaps (“Jah works”, apparently) wants to talk about morals, restraint & what god wants, huh? As a Jamaican (no, really), I say bollocks to this ignorance & hypocrisy!

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