The Archbishop of Cunterbury is sad about the gays but would still vote the same as he did

At least he's clean shaven

He may not have the beard or the razzamatazz of Ronan Keating/Rowan Atkinson or what ever that shaggy old last one was called but at least Dr. Welby Jr. here hasn’t got the frothy-mouthed fanatical homophobia of that old Carey cunt. He is a man in the middle. In the middle of an argument. In the middle of changing times. In the middle of making up his mind what he’s in the middle of.

‘As I said at the time in the House of Lords,’ he said at the opening of the Evangelical Alliance’s new building in glittering London (Such a do! You see, there is money out there for some things!), ‘the Church has not been good at dealing with homophobia.’ We can give that an ‘amen’, sister! ‘It has at times, as God’s people, either implicitly or explicitly supported it and we have to be really, really repentant about that because it is utterly and totally wrong.’ Has the world gone topsy-turvy? Mind you, we are sensing a ‘but’ coming and not one of the good ones with a double ‘t’.

‘But…’ Oh! There it is! ‘That doesn’t mean that redefining marriage is the right way forward.’ Because the Church of England owns the language itself. Every ‘if’, ‘and’ and ‘but’ belongs to the Church. So, hands off!

Commenting on Mr. Welby’s very precarious fence-sitting, Ben Summerskill – a gentlemen, a scholar and an acrobat, if ever we met one – had this to say: ‘It is a tiny bit rich to say he has great sympathy for gay people when in the 10 years since the introduction of civil partnerships the Church has doggedly refused to bless people’s long-term partnerships even though they are happy to have services for pets and even canals.’



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The Archbishop of Cunterbury is sad about the gays but would still vote the same as he did, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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