10 reasons we love the new Christina Aguilera video

1. It has Christina Aguilera in it. A toned down, slimmed down, dressed down Christina. Looking fresh, kicky and yet still really, really blonde.

2. It has lesbeans, gays, dogs and children.

3. It has a sign in Spanish which means ‘I love my gay son’

4. It has lots of people having fun ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Even while just walking down the road.

5. The song is timeless gay dance along ‘Girls Gone Wild’ lines.

6. There’s a cute little ‘make an L with your hand’ thing that you could do in a gay dance club easy as peasy.

7. It provides the timely reminder that ‘racism sucks’.

8. It contains that equals sign equality thing.

9. It reminds you why dancers are such great value for money.

10. It contains footage of Christina getting lip gloss applied while dancing. Now that’s what we call charisma.

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10 reasons we love the new Christina Aguilera video, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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