This repellant little Russian bitch likes to go on safaris to ‘hunt gays’…

Have a wash, you filth!

This is Yikaterina (or somesuch nonsense), she has a face so nasty even eyebrows won’t grow on it and she is a local vigilante leader in a Russian town where everything has to be orange (they’re sorting that grass out directly after this film).

Yikaterina (or Yuk as we like to call her) goes on spoof safaris to shoot paedophiles and gays. She’s what’s known as a self-appointed guardian of people’s morals. Yes, with that hair.

In this film from Her Majesty’s BBC, we see Yuk – even with a nose like that – trying to communicate what in Russia pass for ideas. It is disturbing and hard to watch. And not just because of the hair.

And before you watch it, a reminder that there is a demonstration at Downing Street from 5-8pm tonight against the likes of this one.

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4 comments to “This repellant little Russian bitch likes to go on safaris to ‘hunt gays’…”

  1. Hi. This was a really interesting report and I think this woman is horrible, and what her group are doing is despicable. I am gay and obviously in favour of gay rights, but I was a little offended by the slightly racist language used in this piece. You said her name was “Yikaterina” (or some such nonesence).” Altought she is a horrible woman, this is not necessary, and you should try to keep your reports non-offensive. I really like your website/blog though and I enjoyed this report. Don’t sink to her level (not that this is even slightly comparable to what she does, but it is still taking the piss out of her for something she can’t help – being Russian and therefore having a Russian name). Try and stay professional. I realise this is a slightly personal blog, but still try to refrain from ad-hominem such as making fun of her for being Russian and insulting her based on looks (these are both things she can’t help, just as her victims can’t help being gay).

    Kind regards,


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  2. Hmm. For bland news there are many options. For news with a twist and a tongue in the cheek, this is the spot.

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  3. Ash – I think you may be kind of missing the point of this (rather fabulous) blog – I wouldn’t want them to change a word….

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  4. […] name is Yikaterina and we’ve had it out with her before when her hair was a nice bright orange colour. There’s nothing you can tell Russians about […]

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