Guess who this is. And guess who she’s pretending to be.


Gina Gershon! And she’s clearly too old for that whorey look (Name the film! Name the film!) as she appears done up as Nutella Versace for a new film. This is obviously prior to them applying the all-over body scrotum to get the true Nutella look.

It is for a new film (we’ll be the judge of that) called House of Versace in which people are murdered, flip-flops are left bloodied on the streets of Miami and sun-damaged sisters are left to run fashion empires. Sounds good, right? And it’s straight-to-TV in the Americas and we can’t even be bothered to find out when. Soon? October maybe? It’s not clear from this press release whether it includes party scenes where Nutella gets done to her what we’ve heard she has done to her at parties. We imagine not.

Whatever. We have loved Gina since she first said, ‘But y’are a whore, darlin” (another clue!) and then playing Sally Bowles – an an English! – in Cabaret at the theatre where Studio 54 used to be in God’s own New York City. But enough about us and our glamorous lives…



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Guess who this is. And guess who she's pretending to be., 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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4 comments to “Guess who this is. And guess who she’s pretending to be.”

  1. She looks actually more like Kerry Katona. Except she hasn’t got ‘cunt’ written on her forehead.

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  2. Well, I got the “guess who she’s pretending to be” part!

    Yeah … is this the early years? ‘Cos she’s gonna need a bit of B&Q Hazelnut Sunrise varnish to look more legit for more recent times.

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  3. I don’t know what it is you do, darlin’ but if its at the cheetah it ain’t dancin’

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  4. They must have subtitles, NO???

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