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‘I’m not gay,’ says Tom Daley. We’ll be the judge of that.

'I'm not gay,' says Tom Daley. We'll be the judge of that.

This is Tom Daley, hiking up his eau de nil kilt so the whole world’s his gynaecologist, at a promotional event for the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Glasgow’s Old Fruit Market.

These things write themselves.

‘I think it’s funny when people say I’m gay, I laugh it off,’ he told the Mirror, earlier.

‘I’m not. But even if I was, I wouldn’t be ashamed. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest what people thought.

‘But I can understand why I have a massive gay following – I spend most of my life half-naked in trunks on a diving board showing off my bare chest.’

‘I’m cool with my gay following. It’s great to have gay fans even though my friends gently take the mick.’

That’s ‘mick’ with an m.




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'I'm not gay,' says Tom Daley. We'll be the judge of that., 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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